GoogMusic for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you happen to be making use of Google Music for your music collection then you may already know there is no official app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that allows you to access the services. Sure, it does work in the web browser if you're desperate to use it that way but it's not ideal. Knowing that, CR Design has put together GoogMusic for the sole purpose of accessing Google Music on the go.

Download the app, login and you're good to go. From there, the app will populate with all the music you currently have on your Google Music account. Having used the app for the past few days, I'm quite pleased with it. Realistically, it's not a super advanced app. In fact, it just appears to be a webUI wrapped into an app and the options are limited but for the $.99 it costs, it's well worth it if even just to avoid the hassle of dealing with the web browser directly.

It uses your Google login to access the services, not something I'm worried about but I do feel I should mention it as some folks may not like that particular aspect of the app, especially with recent events leading to folks enabling two-factor authentication on their accounts. All said though, it works and works well. Just keep in mind, you do need a Google Music account in order to access it so if you don't have one or live in country where Google isn't supported, the app won't be much use to you.

Pro tip: If you get a white screen, just relaunch the app. Doesn't happen all the time but it does happen.

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