The #IchooseBlackBerry10 hashtag has gotten a lot of support over the past few days and it's been showing in plenty of places but to help push it even further, a new Thunderclap campaign has been created. If you're not familiar with Thunderclap, it's a service that if enough people support the campaign, will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet creating a wave of attention. @Confyzone has set this one up for everyone and we need 500 people to make it all happen.

The movement has started, get on twitter, get on Facebook, get on Vine, get on Instagram. Share the hashtag, don’t forget to tweet @BlackBerry while you're at it.

Let’s get BlackBerry trending again, let’s get people to understand they are not dead. The media is wrong. The shorters are wrong. Let’s prove to the world @BlackBerry is back, stronger than ever.

More now than any other time, they need the support from the user base, they need the confidence they’re doing something right. Let’s push forward, let’s #KeepMoving and let’s show the world why we choose BlackBerry 10.

Right now, the campaign is sitting at 60-ish out of the 500 people needed and the projected current reach is over 37,000 people with 13 days left for people to sign up. If the goal is reached, the message will go out on Sept. 24th and hit at this point and thousands of timelines all at once and be totally epic. So what do you say? Sign up for the campaign, I already have, and see if we can exceed even the required 500 people sign up.

Show your support by signing up