Late last year Starbucks killed off their mobile card app for BlackBerry devices and we've yet to see an official client since. Good news today though for all of you craving a Venti latte as a new client is now available for BlackBerry 10 and it goes by the name of MAKE.

MAKE is an unofficial Starbucks app that gives you plenty of great features and should help fill the official-app void. You can not only find the closest stores, but also track your rewards and use your Starbucks card. 

Features include:

  • Generate barcodes for each card that you own, which can then be used pay at the counter of any Starbucks locations
  • Keep track of your stars and reward counts
  • Browse through lists of drinks offered at Starbucks (not all drinks are available at your local Starbucks store)
  • Find all Starbucks locations near you using an awesome 3D map (customizable to find within 5, 10, 20, and 50km) and get driving direction to any of them.

The app won't let you view your account balance and you unfortunately can't sync your stars and rewards, but aside from those small issues it's a great stand-in, especially since it's free.

So if you're a BlackBerry using Starbucks lover, grab MAKE from BlackBerry World at the link below.

*Note* - This one works on all BlackBerry 10 devices but does require OS 10.2 

More information/Download MAKE