Passport vs Classic

As promised when we ran our poll just the other day, asking if you would be ordering the BlackBerry Passport as soon as you can, here are the results (from 24 hours after publishing) which turned out slightly different to how I thought they would.

As you can see below, we have a clear winner and that's that most folk are certainly very interested in picking up the Passport. However, the gap between this decision and BlackBerry fans waiting on device reviews is smaller than I expected.

Sure, it makes sense to read reviews prior to purchasing a new smartphone and we'll have our review up as soon as we possibly can, but looking at how many folk want a Passport compared to a BlackBerry Classic I thought that maybe the Passport would generate more pre-orders (when available) just by the footage and information we've already seen about it.

Still, it's all good news and I'm pretty sure we're in for a media frenzy when this bad boy hits the streets!