Our friends on iOS and Android have had Major Mayhem for some time now, but luckily it's at last made its way over to BlackBerry 10 (thanks to Unity) and what a beauty it is. At the time of writing this it's only the BlackBerry Z10 that is supported so fingers crossed that is addressed in the near future.

If you are not familiar with the game I'll briefly summarize it if you are not able to watch the video. Once Major Mayhem has been dropped to the ground by helicopter he'll run and take cover behind rocks or similar. As the evil Ninjas appear on-screen you need to tap on them for him to lean out from his cover to shoot them. They shoot back though - well, sort of. As they are Ninjas they are armed with throwing stars - most of which are blue and will still cause you damage, but it's the red ones you need to watch out for. They will destroy your body armour so three hits by a red one and its game over.

If you do get killed you have two options. If you have been doing well you'll have the option to continue but failing that it's just a case of restarting that level. Along the way there will also be hostages that you must not shoot. They'll provide you with a bonus of some sort - such as replenishing your body armour if you need it. At the end of each round you also get the chance to pick a random a bonus. These are shown at the bottom left of the display as you are playing the game and consist of things like an air strike or 'Robo Mayhem' which will give you a Robo Cop style suit for a period of time.

Major Mayhem is packed full of action so if you own the Z10 and have three bucks to spare this is an awesome way of spending your cash. There's literally hours of combat fun to be had here. Why not treat yourself? You won't regret it.

Features of the game include:

  • 45 levels of heart-pumping action
  • 5 unique power-ups
  • Beat the Forces of Evil on their home turf in the Tropics, then take the fight to the Metropolis and Desert
  • 20 weapons including automatic shotgun, mini-gun, and Quadzooka!
  • Intuitive tap controls make it easy to get into the action

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