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I have always been a fan of good role playing games (yes I was a D&D nerd way back when) so when I saw Majesty pop up in BlackBerry App World, I was excited to say the least. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim brings some great RPG action to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game features an "indirect control strategy" that makes for easy going on the PlayBook and won't leave you pulling your hair out.

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a vast magical world where you are honored with the crown of a tiny fairytale kingdom. When you become the head of the country all the responsibility for the land's prosperity rests on your royal shoulders. You will have to fight various enemies and monsters, explore new territories, manage economic and scientific developments and solve a heap of unusual and unexpected tasks. For example, what will you do when all the gold in the kingdom transforms into cookies? Or how will you bring back the trolls who robbed caravans and whose disappearance ruins the economy of the country? 

The game features 10 different hero types, dozens of spells, 30 building types, 3 difficulty levels and much more. If you're looking for a great game to waste away the hours, this could be the one for you. You can grab it for just $1.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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