MailTones For BlackBerry

Electric Pocket has been in the buisness of developing BlackBerry applications for a while now. PhoneFace, Flipside MP3 Player and txtForward have been some of their best-selling applications. This time around they are bringing MailTones to the BlackBerry community.

MailTones is an alert notification system that allows you to fully customize the alerts you recieve when getting an email. The currrent BlackBerry profile system is still far and above other devices out there but with MailTones you can have it the way you want. You'll be able to use the app to set a tone for a specific user, or one for all incoming emails from a specific domain or subject - making it easy to recognize incoming emails from work colleagues or customers. You can use the provided high quality ringtones or use your own if you do so wish. MailTones is available now for only $2.99 and has support for all devices 4.2.1 OS and above.

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