Magmic BB7 themes
Since the release of BlackBerry 7 devices, there have been cries of dismay because of the lack of themes for these devices. This is of course due to Theme Builder not being made available by Research In Motion. At least one theme developer has figured out a way around this limitation, and the first BB7 theme was released last week - Deck the Halls by Magmic. Not one to rest on their laurels, Magmic went ahead and released 5 more themes that are BB7 compatible, with a little something for everyone.

You can now pick up iBerry Edge Zen or iBerry Pink Zen for $1.99 or Cosmos, Tinker Bell, or iBerry 2.0 Zen for $2.99 for select BlackBerry 7 devices including the Bold 9900/30 and Curve 9630/50/70 at the links below. (Please note, the themes are also compatible with other devices, so if you're interested be sure to click through and see if your BlackBerry is listed.)

More information/purchase Deck the Halls
More information/purchase iBerry Edge Zen
More information/purchase iBerry Pink Zen
More information/purchase Cosmos
More information/purchase Tinker Bell
More information/purchase iBerry 2.0 Zen

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