Magic4Square get its first update with lots of new features

Auto check-in app Magic4Square has proven to be quite a useful app for me. It has received an update since first launching in September. Magic4Square allows you to automatically check-in to your favorite venues. There is some setting up to do but once done it will automatically check-in once you within a certain distance from your favorite spots.

The developer got a lot of response from users and he has been hard at work getting things to run smoothly. This update contains a lot of bug fixes as well as some new additions.

Magic4Square update features

  • NEW: active frame showing warning on bad accuracy
  • NEW: new setting allows completion of check-in on bad accuracy (default true)
  • NEW: BBM profile update is only called for the last check-in made
  • NEW: added support for special characters in check-in name!
  • NEW: ability to do silent check-ins (no share on social networks for specific venues)
  • NEW: new stay duration (1 minute)
  • NEW: more distance accuracy selectable
  • NEW: more visual feedback on check-in process
  • NEW: support for Z30
  • NEW: link in help dialog to CrackBerry support thread
  • IMPROVED: check-in processing is now more accurate 
  • IMPROVED: stability of the app
  • FIXED: venue is now shown as active in the list, right after checking in
  • FIXED: allowing special characters in check-in name

Magic4Square is available to download for free. The free version has some limitations such as only allowing you to save 4 locations. If you're looking to get the full version it will cost you $1.99. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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