Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a familiar feeling puzzle game with enough of a twist to make it unique and entertaining. As colored eggs roll out across your screen, you have to react quickly to draw a line between them, matching the colors. The more eggs of one color you can connect with a single swipe the better, as you'll earn power ups, coins, and special abilities. Don't let eggs of different colors touch or it's game over!  The game speeds up progressively as you play, making it harder and harder to create combos before colors smash into each other.
  • Unique Gameplay Mechanics
  • 3 Game Arenas
  • 4 Yards to unlock and enhance
  • 6 special upgradable power-ups
  • Over 20 achievements to unlock
  • PlayCreek Quality Guarantee
This game was created by the same folks that brought us another of my favorites, Death Worm. The graphics are smooth and the concept, though similar to other games you may have played, is fresh enough that you won't be saying "oh, another one of THOSE games". There are even mini-quests that you can complete. Buy a chicken, decorate its yard, feed it, etc with the coins you earn by matching eggs. Grab Magic Wingdom today for your BlackBerry PlayBook from App World for just a buck and you'll be swiping and slashing in no time!
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