Madden is an American institution. We've played it on consoles, fear the worst with the Madden curse and look forward to it each and every year. Well now you can have some of that Madden greatness with you wherever you go with Madden 12 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Madden 12 brings all your favorite teams to the line and does not disappoint, even in this smaller package. While it does take some getting used to, once you master the controls you should be able to knock off a full season on your way to a Superbowl victory. I'll admit that it was a rough start trying to adjust to the game control setup, but I actually find it to be extremely useful and a welcome addition (especially the drawing of hot routes) from the console versions. Overall I highly recommend Madden 12 and think any football fan should definitely give it a go. Check out my review in the video above, then head to BlackBerry App World to grab it for yourself!

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