MAD GAB BlackBerry MAD GAB BlackBerry

One of my all-time favorite card games has made it to BlackBerry. If you haven't heard of MAD GAB before now you should definitely check it out. You are presented with a card that contains a phrase of jumbled words. Read it out loud and see if you can't figure out just what it is REALLY saying.

Just read a group of words aloud, like "Yore Luke Ink Hood." Did you "hear" the answer? Try saying them again. Sound familiar? Quick, the timer's ticking! Did you hear yourself say "You're Looking Good"? Once you think you know the answer, just type it in and see if you're right! You can play alone or with friends. ITSY ZEE! 

MAD GAB really is a fun game for the whole family. Everyone can get into it and you're sure to have a few laughs along the way. The BlackBerry version features timed and free play and comes with over 300 phrases. Grab it for just $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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