This one's really just a heads up if you're into your tower defense style games. MACE Tower Defence was originally an Android game but the developers have ported it over to BlackBerry 10 which is always nice to see.

Now, I don't mind admitting that I don't have the patience for this style of game but I gave it a good go for about half an hour today and it seemed to run like a dream on my BlackBerry Z30. As you would expect - this one is all about placing your weapons around the path that the enemies will take. The more of them you kill - the more cash you'll earn to enable you to place more weapons.

Although the following features are listed in BlackBerry World I'm not 100% sure they all work as sometimes the Android ports play up a bit. So your mission if you choose to accept is to play the game and report back in the comments with your thoughts. It's free to download so you've nothing to lose.

I look forward to your feedback Team CrackBerry. We will have a full review of the game up in a few days. Ryan has more patience than me!


  • shopsystem for buy and upgrade towers, buy specials

  • 8 upgradable Towers (2 power ups each)

  • support towers, special attacks, path placed items

  • unique enemies

  • unlockable levels

  • freeplay mode for endless waves

  • Tower Control Mode: Take control over the target and direction of a tower.

  • Towers: Gun, Laser, Fireblaster, EMP, Canon, Rocket, Flak, Artillery

  • Power Up for each Tower: Damage, Firerate, Range

  • Path placed items: Mine, Electro Field, Block Wall

  • Support Towers: Power Enhancement, Range Enhancement

  • Global Specials: Big Bomb, Air support, Atom Bomb, Money upgrade (earn more money)

  • Cloud GameState Upload (play on multiple devices)

More information/Download MACE Tower Defence for BlackBerry 10