MACE is a game we first took a look at back in May 2014 and it's there in BlackBerry World if you want it. It does however come with a price tag of a couple of bucks.

Thankfully, for today only, here in the UK, you can grab the Android version from the Amazon Appstore as they are featuring it as their free app of the day.

If space shoot 'em ups is your thing then this one will satisfy your needs. I've tested it out this morning on my BlackBerry Z30 and all is well with the Android version.

Features of MACE include:

  • 3 different worlds

  • 18 levels

  • 3 big end bosses

  • endless waves with unique enemies

  • 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)

  • 3 gfx details for lower and faster devices

  • fantastic gameplay for many hours

  • brilliant hand drawn graphics

  • 30 minutes epic soundtrack

  • achievements

  • online high scores

  • 15 different weapons (5 types, 3 upgrades each)

  • additionals: companion, rocket, shield, smart bomb

  • hidden Items für weapons, lives, energy, rocket, companion, bomb

Not sure whether this one's for you? You can check out our initial hands-on video below:

If you're seeing a different app featured in your region feel free to let us know?

If you've not used the Amazon Appstore before just hit up the following link for a full set of instructions:

How to download Android apps using the Amazon Appstore