LucidMessenger Coming Soon To A BlackBerry Near You

We often talk hear about how BlackBerry Messenger is one of the biggest sticking items for BlackBerry users. Many, after having become accustomed to having it, do not want to give it up. One could argue (and many have, including Dieter) that the system being closed off from other platforms is not the best thing. But what if you could have a BlackBerry Messenger like experience across platforms? The idea is not so far out there these days. New apps are popping up daily which promise mobile convergence through instant messaging and Lucid Messenger is looking to join in.

Lucid Messenger is, at time of this writing, available on Android and iPhone. So what's up with BlackBerry? Well, it's sitting in the BlackBerry App World review process currently, but will hopefully be passed through soon enough. Offering instant messaging, groups and file sharing across platforms is a great idea and Lucid offers all of this and more.

But, I have to wonder if BlackBerry users (once released) will adopt this or would you all just stick with currently existing services like GTalk, MSN and Yahoo? Or better yet, not care what others are using as long you got your BBM? Having checked Lucid out on iPhone and Android myself I can say it's a nice application but I'm kind of selfish in the fact I love BlackBerry Messenger. So, what about you guys? Would you all be interested in Lucid Messenger as a cross platform option?

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