I have a habit of collecting loyalty cards. Not by choice mind you, but they tend to accumulate on their own for some reason. Whether in my wallet or on my keychain it is sometimes hard to keep track. Loyalty is a native application to store all of your store cards for easy access. This new release brings with it several new features to both the pro version and the free version.

New Features – Loyalty Pro

  • You can now choose the number of columns in Grid view

New Features – Both versions

  • Now able to add photos of your Loyalty Cards
  • Now able to set a custom logo for your Custom Cards
  • Website information added to preset cards
  • Able to add website information to existing cards
  • New "Quick Barcode" button for one touch access
  • Now able to scale barcode size
  • Program logos now show for Loyalty Cards in the List view
  • Added FAQ section in the Help menu
  • Minor visual updates

Preset Programs

  • Added Australia region
  • Added UK region
  • Added more presets to Canada and US regions

Bug Fixes

  • Barcodes now scan more reliably

Loyalty is free to download for BlackBerry 10 and supports all devices running OS 10.3.x and higher. While the free version limits the number of cards you can add the Pro version for $1.99 as an in-app purchase for more.

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