Who doesn't like a spot of music right? In this day and age where more of us are viewing greater amounts of media on our smartphones you may want to download the VEVO app for your BlackBerry 10 handset. You won't however find this one in BlackBerry World, but fear not as you can easily grab the Android version from the Amazon Appstore.

We know that when BlackBerry 10.3 graces us with its presence we will have the choice to download the Amazon Store direct from BlackBerry World but until that wonderful day comes you'll need to follow the simple instructions at the base of this post. It's all done from the BlackBerry 10 browser and takes seconds.

Back in 2011 we were lucky enough to get the VEVO app available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and I spent many an hour viewing my favourite bands on there. Now with the improved Android runtime on BlackBerry 10 we can all now enjoy the same experience.

Vevo UK offers the largest collection of premium and official music videos anywhere. So start watching your favourite music videos and catch daily video premieres by downloading Vevo for Android today.

Discover exciting new music videos, original shows, and live music performances from your favourite artists.

Stream live music performances, and discover new songs from your favourite artists too.

Make playlists of your favourite pop, rock, rap, electronic and R&B music videos. See lots of videos you like? Well, then add it to a playlist. Vevo recommends music videos while you're watching, so the fun never has to end!

Enjoy pop, rap, rock, R&B, electronic, country, and much more – the HD music video choices are endless on Vevo

Due to this being the UK version I'm not sure which other regions support VEVO so please feel free to sound off in the comments if you too are able to download it?

Follow these simple instructions to get the Amazon Appstore on your BlackBerry