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* Update: Contest Winners are: crimsonlite, sfcgijill, rdease, djester02 and kcladygemini. Winners will be contact via email to claim their prize! *

Back in December we told you about MobiReport's latest application, Find My Berry. Find My Berry got a huge response from the community, and it's easy to see why. With this app installed on your phone, if you've misplaced your BlackBerry anywhere (in the house with the phone set to silent, or left it in a restaurant on the other side of town) by sending an email to yourself containing the subject word of your choosing, your Berry will go into a frenzy, beeping and blinking and vibrating until somebody picks it up (it's basically impossible to ignore). Furthermore, you can send instructions to the device that are displayed when the BlackBerry is ultimately picked up and any button pressed. So in the case where you did leave your BlackBerry in a restaurant, the person who finds it and taps a button will see a message like, "Hey, I'm Kevin and I own this BlackBerry. Thanks for finding me. Give me a call at this number, and I'll meet up with you to get it back and give you a cash reward. THANKS".

With Berry Locator, MobiReport has KICKED THINGS UP A NOTCH. If your BlackBerry is GPS-enabled, not only do you enjoy the features included in Find My Berry, but now an email will be sent back to you with a Google Map's image attached which contains the LOCATION of your BLACKBERRY! This is WAY too cool.

There's My Berry!
Where's My Berry? THERE IT IS!

Berry Locator retails for $4.95 (totally worth it) and there is a Free Trial Available, but the good folks at MobiReport have given us FIVE FREE COPIES to give away to the community. Details on How to Win after the Jump.


It's easy! All you have to do is:

  • Leave a Comment to this Blog Post
    • Be sure you are a registered member and are logged into the site when you post your comment, we need to see your username so we can contact you if you win via email.
  • If you have GPS enabled BlackBerry, tell us what your favorite GPS applications are and how often you use your device's GPS functionality
  • If you don't have a GPS enabled BlackBerry, you're still more than welcome to enter (pick yourself up a Freedom Keychain GPS and you're good to go). In this case tell us about a time when you lost/thought you lost your BlackBerry OR what you would do if you did lose it!

You have until Sunday, Midnight PST to get your comments up. Winners will be announced on Monday! Winners will be chosen by random draw from those who met the guidelines above. Good Luck!!!

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