Lookout for BlackBerry

With the growing number of BlackBerry users and application downloads, the risk for lost data, a lost device and mobile security grows larger. There are tons of apps available that allow remote backup and similar features, but Lookout hopes to bring some more to the table. The new app is currently in beta, and in addition to remote backup and a "phone finder", it also protects your device from malware, viruses and hackers. While the later may not be a huge threat currently, the possibility is always there are the technology grows. With Lookout you can schedule backups of your contacts and photos that can be restored to the current device or new device, as well as a remote wipe feature should your device be lost or stolen. With the mobile security feature, every app you download and install will be scanned for viruses and malware to keep you safe. If you're curious to see what Lookout has to offer, you can jump in on the free beta by heading to mylookout.com/registration.