Looking for a native SoundCloud app? Check out SoundNine

While SoundCloud may have officially come to BlackBerry 10 in the form of an Android port, not everyone is fond of Android ports -- even if it is available through BlackBerry World. If you're looking for something native then you many want to take a look at SoundNine. You get the awesome BlackBerry UI but still get the SoundCloud experience of browsing and streaming.

SoundNine features include

  • Stream music
  • Follow users and Like tracks
  • Browse and Search tracks
  • View track comments
  • Comment on tracks
  • Download tracks
  • Repost tracks
  • Share tracks using BlackBerry 10 share menu
  • Fun and easy to use UI designed specifically for BlackBerry® 10 included active frames support

While the official SoundCloud has the ability to record and upload, this function will be coming to SoundNine in the future. With the app built for BlackBerry 10, it includes a context menu too, so you can tap and hold tracks to bring up more options. 

SoundNine is definitely worth a look if you're a SoundCloud user. And you'll want to snap it up today has SoundNine is on sale for Cyber Monday for $0.99. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Learn more / Purchase SoundNine from BlackBerry World