Lately, my preference of case for my BlackBerry smartphone has changed. I've always been two minds on whether to use a case or not but when I did choose to go with one I used to go for slightly chunky and solid cases to protect my BlackBerry device from drops.

However, my tastes seem to have changed and most of the time I'd rather go naked and show off my sexy BlackBerry device than have it covered up. But I always have a fear of scratching it up or dropping it so I'll reach for a case. Instead of bulky cases though, I now prefer a slim fit. The official BlackBerry Soft Shell case seemed perfect so I picked one (or three) up.

Looking at a Soft Shell case on the table you wouldn't think it was a flexible as it was, I certainly didn't think so when I first held one. It is made up of flexible plastic, very thin and light. It hardly adds any weight to the phone. The back has a textured surface to offer some grip while using the device.

The design of the texture is very much like that of the back of the Z10 but not as rubbery. A nice touch is the embossed BlackBerry logo on the back of the case. If you have a white Q10 you'll find this fits in nicely with the BlackBerry logo on the back of the device. You have cut outs for the camera on the back. All the ports have cuts out as well as the speaker on the bottom and all buttons on the side and the top are covered up but can easily be pressed.

The case is very easy to slip on and off, mainly because there is no lip that comes over the front of the device. That also does mean that the keys and screen would come in contact with the surface if you laid it face down. So this really is a minimal case, offering minimal protection. 

The case comes in three colors - white, black and pink. The pink is more of a soft pink and is see-through. It goes better with the white Q10 rather than the black one. I also quite like the combination of the black case on a white Q10 and vice versa a white case on the black Q10. It makes it look quite sexy.

If you're looking for a very thin and light case, the Soft Shell case is a very good option. It isn't for those won't want that added protection from drops though. The case is very minimal and more for just slipping on for a quick trip or just to protect the back from scratches if you lay it down on surfaces a lot.

The Good

  • Thin and light
  • Textured back for grip

The Bad

  • May be too minimal for some
  • No padding
The bottom line

Not for those looking for something heavy duty. Definitely more for those looking to just cover up back of the device to stop scratches on the back of the device. As well as those who want something light.

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