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Room Escape by Ivywire
You're locked inside a mysterious room, with no obvious way out. There are ordinary objects all around you, but how can you use them to escape?

It almost sounds like a movie or a dream, but really it's a puzzle! Room Escape by Ivywire is a game that's sure to challenge you and make your brain work overtime. Clicking on some of the furniture and objects in the room moves them to reveal pieces to the puzzle, but how do the pieces work together to reveal your way out? There are two separate challenges in the form of rooms, each with their own set of clues and secrets. Can you find your way out?

Room Escape is available for $.99 in BlackBerry App World and is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones (though I don't see any Storm devices listed, sorry folks) on OS 4.2 or higher. I played the game for an hour straight and found less than half of the clues in the first room, so I think it's a dollar well spent as I will be playing this game for awhile.

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