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It's week three of Mobile Nations Fitness Month and the theme is sleep and relaxation. Most health professionals recommend we get at least seven to eight hours sleep each and every night to make sure our bodies and mind function normally. However, with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and juggling work, family, and other responsibilities there doesn't always seem to be enough hours in the day to get a full restful night's sleep.

Routine plays a part in making sure we catch up on our rest but some of us require a little more to drift off into dreamland. Growing up I always placed a clock radio by my bed and let the soft sounds of the various stations lull me to sleep. Now that I'm an adult my BlackBerry device has long since taken the place of my alarm clock. Instead of counting sheep be sure to try these applications to make sure you sleep peacefully.

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds by ShaoSoft

For those sleepers who like to listen to soothing sounds to put them in a relaxed state there is Sleep Sounds by ShaoSoft. It offers a wide variety of high quality stereo sounds to give you a much needed rest, even if you want to relax for just ten minutes during the day. Filled with the relaxing sounds of ocean waves, rainfall, waterfall, fireplace, rainforest, and white noise, to name a few, it's definitely a cure for your insomnia for those stressful and tiring days. This application also features options to configure how long the sounds will play before turning off and works with headphones. You can find Sleep Sounds in BlackBerry World for $0.99 for the Z10.

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Simply Being

Simply Being - Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence by Meditation Oasis

One of the reasons why we lose sleep each night is due to stress and anxiety. If you do not want your nightly slumber to be disrupted then meditation is one method in which to help relax you before you go off to bed. Simply Being is a popular cross platform meditation application that allows you to enjoy deep relaxation, stress relief, and the benefits of meditation without prior experience. Users can choose from amongst four different meditation times and grants the option to listen with or without music. It offers voice-guided step by step instructions and you can choose your meditation length of 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes to help build confidence, productivity, and reduce sleep deprivation and insomnia. Simply Being is available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.2 and higher (not BlackBerry 10) and the BlackBerry PlayBook for $0.99.

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Sleep Time

Sleepy Time for BlackBerry 10 by CWS Solutions LLC

If counting sheep is not a viable option then there is Sleepy Time to help you nod off. With over 80 total sounds to choose from, it allows you to mix and match up to three sounds to create your own unique sleep-scape which means over 300,000 possible combinations to make sure you sleep well all night long. Comprised of several versions of each sound (i.e. radio static, vacuum cleaner, typing, washer and dryer, white noise, nature sounds, etc.), it offers both a continuous play option or lets you set a sleep timer in increments of minutes or hours. For those worried it might shut off when the phone does, it continues to run even after the screen turns off or if you switch applications on your device. Those wanting to lessen those nights filled with tossing or turning and want to awake fully rested Sleepy Time is available for BlackBerry Z10 for $0.99.

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Sleep Bot

Sleep Bot Tracker Log by Insomniapps

Managing your sleep is just as important as getting a full night's rest. Sleep Bot Tracker allows you to record observations on your sleep patterns all from your PlayBook. It's the perfect resource tool to input your sleep records and stats. It features alarm clock integration, graphs to track patterns, sleep/wake times and debts, provides sleep health information, backup and restore, and the ability to add multiple items if you decide to take naps. By seeing all of your patterns on a daily basis you'll be able to cut down on your caffeine consumption or change your sleep habits (such as going to bed the same time each night) to get those much deserved Zzz's. Sleep Bot Tracker is Free to download for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Nature Sounds Beaches

Nature Sounds Beaches - Relaxing nature sounds by Toysoft Development Inc.

Sometimes there is nothing like the relaxing sounds of the ocean or the beach to help you fall asleep at night. That is why Nature Sounds is the perfect sleep therapy for BlackBerry devices running OS 5 and higher. For $0.99 you can adjust the volume and duration. You will never be bored of any of the 10 high quality sounds incluing Fire Woves, Rain Birds, Crickets, and more to help you leave behind the stress of the day to help you relax and quickly fall asleep.

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White Noise

White Noise by Engenuity Corporation

For those of you who prefer complete silence in order to have a good night's rest there is White Noise which masks the sounds that disturb your sleep or concentration. Basically, it generates random noise, known as static or white noise, to block out the background sounds of your environment to ensure you catch some well-deserved sleep. All sounds are generated on-the-fly using a pseudo-random number generator and is adjustable using a tone control filter. Preferences also allow the user to control whether the sound continues when the application is in active or when your device goes to sleep or standby mode. White Noises is compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10 and is available for $0.99.

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MyCalmBeat by MyBrainSolutions

When it comes to relaxation and reducing stress, it is important to control your breathing in order to remain calm. MyCalmBeat is a brain exercise that enhances your wellbeing and sense of calmness through a series of training sessions for just 10-20 minutes over a course of 2-3 times per week. The application is comprised of different trackers and exercises to let you control your breathing rate to achieve your personalized optimal heart rate. All of this is meant to be a simple and effective way of dealing with stress, developing focus, and is also favorable to do just before sleep. MyCalmBeat is available for devices running OS 4.5 and higher (Bold 99xx and BlackBerry Z10 is not available at this time) and is free to download.

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Ambiance by SCrApps

Another perfect application for filling your room with beautiful auditory sounds with which to fall asleep by is Ambiance. Whether you have an infant who has trouble falling asleep or you just need to loop a soothing melody, there are 30 ambient sounds included to play individually or mix up to create your own personal preference. The resulting sounds can be played either continuously or for 30 minutes. Sounds include light rain, birds, sea, ocean, rainforest, freight train, passing car, brown and white noise to make sure you fall asleep peacefully. You can find Ambiance at the link below for only $0.99 for the BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10.

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Get set - Get up

Get set - Get up! Alarm Clock by Anna Malchow-Perryman

There is nothing like being woken up from a sound sleep by a loud alarm clock. As someone who constantly pushes the snooze button until it's absolutely necessary to move this handy little alarm clock offers a ticket text and/or voice note button that will motivate you to stick to your plans, progressively shorter snooze intervals, lets you wake up to your own music, and has a visual pre-alarm before the actual alarm sounds. Get Set - Get Up Alarm Clock can be found in BlackBerry World for $1.99. It is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10.

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Todays Alarm Clock

Todays Alarm Clock Pro by Turner Teknologies

Todays Alarm Clock Pro comprises everything you want in an alarm clock app. It lets you listen to internet radio, your own mp3's, or the soothing and relaxing sounds from its collection, view the current weather, comes with gradually rising volume so as not to startle you awake, offers customizable themes, allows you to set multiple alarms, and so much more. What better way to wake up refreshed and prepared then with this popular application for your BlackBerry PlayBook. Available in a free and premium version ($0.99) this is perfect for those of us who aren't morning persons or just need something to listen to while falling asleep at night.

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Did we leave out any of your favorite rest or rejuvenation applications? Let us know in the comments below!

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