For a lot of folks BBM is a great way to to stay in touch with friends and family and a big part of that is due to capability to create BBM Groups. if you're not familiar with BBM Groups, it's the part of BlackBerry Messenger that allows you to either create or join a group of people in which you can chat, share pictures, lists, create appointments, and more. Each group allows up to 30 members, and you can be in a group with people who aren't part of your BBM contact list. It's a great way to interact with folks without really giving up too much privacy, if you're concerned about that.

With BBM for Android and iOS now available, there's sure to be a lot of folks looking to join new groups and build up their BBM contact list and luckily, the CrackBerry Forums is full of already existing groups that folks can join. Hockey fans, Fitness fanatics, Car lovers, Finance and Investor groups and well, let's be realistic here, even some fun, sexy and flirty chat if that's your thing. Whether you're looking for a group to join, setting up a group of your own or just looking around for things that might interest you, the BBM and BBM Group forums are a good place to get started.

Discover BBM Groups in the CrackBerry Forums