Henry Ford

A few weeks back we ran a poll asking what color options you'd want to see for BlackBerry 10 devices. While a good number of you said you'd want to see many color options, most people simply want black and white. There's a famous quote by Henry Ford - "You can have it in any color, as long as it's black."  While RIM has mostly stuck to that with their devices over the years, the Curve line is the one big exception (okay, I'll give you a few Pearls too).

While other models don't stray too far from black, silver or white, the Curves have been all across the spectrum when it comes to color. All the way back to the Curve 8310 and 8320 did RIM provide various color options for consumers -- everything from Sunset Orange to Saphire Blue to Ballet Pink. Personally, I'm a fan of black devices, while (as you all know well) Kevin loves his white. I'd love to see a bunch of great colors for BlackBerry 10, I think that we'll most likely end up with black at launch and maybe white will follow a few months later. 

It would be awesome to see some fun BlackBerry 10 devices in blue, orange, silver, white, purple ... you name it, but I think RIM will stick with what works and keep the "black" in BlackBerry. We haven't heard anything that even hints at more color options, so it's a pretty safe bet that we won't see anything crazy at launch.

Keep reading for a look at just how many Curve colors have come and gone over the years. It's quite a big list (and took a while to get it all together) so if we missed anything be sure to leave a comment letting us know so we can fix it up. 

A History of BlackBerry Curve Colors

 Curve 8310 Red Curve 8310 Titanium  
 Red  Titanium  
 Curve 8320 Gold  Curve 8320 Saphire Blue Curve 8320 Silver
 Gold  Saphire Blue  Silver
 Curve 8320 Red    
 Sunset Red    
 Curve 8330 Orange Curve 8330 Pink Curve 8330 Red
 Orange  Pink  Red
 Curve 8330 Silver Curve 8330 Titanium  
 Silver Titanium  

BlackBerry Curve 8900

 Curve 8900 Black    
 Curve 8520 Black  Curve 8520 Frost  Curve 8520 Fuschia
 Black  Frost  Fuschia
 Curve 8520 Lavender Curve 8520 White  
 Lavender  White  
 Curve 8530 Black Curve 8530 Oyster  Curve 8530 Pink
 Black  Oyster  Pink
 Curve 8530 Red  Curve 8530 Royal Purple Curve 8530 Silver
 Red  Royal Purple  Silver
 Curve 8530 Violet    
 Curve 9300 Black Curve 9300 Fuschia Curve 9300 Graphite
 Black  Fuschia  Graphite
 Curve 9300 Pink  Curve 9300 Red Curve 9300 Smokey Violet
 Pink  Red  Smokey Violet
 Curve 9300 White    
 Curve 9330 Graphite  Curve 9330 Fuschia  
 Graphite  Fuschia  
 Curve 9310 Black    
 Curve 9320 Black Curve 9320 Blue Curve 9320 Vivid Violet
 Black  Classic Blue  Vivid Violet
 Curve 9320 White  Curve 9320 Red  
 White  Red  
 Curve 9220 Black    
 Curve 9350 Black    
 Curve 9360 Black  Curve 9360 Royal Purple Curve 9360 Ballet Pink
 Black  Royal Purple  Ballet Pink
 Curve 9360 Red    
 Curve 9370 Black    

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