Telus Storm

Sure Verizon and Vodafone have been hard at work unleashing their versions of the Storm in the US and across the pond. But unlike the Bold launch where Canadian carrier Rogers (among many other countries carriers) had the Bold long before it made it's US appearance on AT&T, Canadian CrackBerry addicts are still waiting to actually give this device a whirl. The good folks over at BlackBerryCool have had an up close and personal look at the Telus-branded version of the Storm and came back with this to say about it..

 "Well let’s start first with what immediately stood out about the OS. First of all, let me state that the Telus Storm OS is not yet final.Telus has yet to confirm/load which applications will come on the Storm (this should be happening very soon), and I was told that they were still tweaking the OS for performance. I wasn’t told whether the optimization is for use on Telus’ network or the touchscreen interface, but I did notice a slight delay in letters appearing on the screen while I texted. I also had a bit of trouble getting the accelerometer to switch from portrait to landscape mode consistently, but I think this was due to blogger FAIL than anything else."
"Interestingly, the Telus Storm did not feature the BlackBerry Application Center that launched with the Verizon Storm. When I asked about its absence, I was told that Telus was ‘looking into it’ and ‘eager to talk to RIM’. While I wasn’t able to snag a peak at the OS version, the tweaking and the lack of apps or App Center leads me to believe that the Telus Storm will launch with something higher than OS"

Now, we know the device will be hitting Telus and Bell..prices and dates are still debateable at this point although BGR recently posted the $299.99 price point on a 3 yr contract from Telus, and lots of online banner ads have been dropping this price point as well. Rumors circulating also indicate a December 8th-15th launch date, but again... it's rumors which indicate that.

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