The AT&T BlackBerry Bold

There she is. The AT&T BlackBerry Bold is pictured above. Looks pretty standard with the exception of the AT&T wallpaper. I've got to say, it's one sharp looking device...

[Editor Update: The BG posted rumors this morning speculating a June 9th - 29th launch date of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers. Assuming that time window is correct, the wait for the Bold on AT&T may be over soon!]

If you want to join in on the conversation surrounding the Bold, visit our BlackBerry Bold Forums, or listen to the great podcasts Kevin & HUGE CREW recorded out at WES last week:

Hold on to your horses, the Bold is coming soon... If you can't wait, you might want to give Kevin or John Mayer a call. Maybe they can hook you up??? :)

[ via Engadget