Normally, it's not in my nature to go laughing at things on Kickstarter even though there is some pretty funny stuff that shows up on there. But earlier today, a press release went out making some pretty bold claims that were slightly amusing when you consider what the project really is.

It's called Keasy and according to their press release, they're looking for funding for the nail in BlackBerry's coffin. So what is Keasy? In short, it's a case for smartphones that when used, will add a physical keyboard to your device and allow you to bypass using the virtual keyboard and instead, use real keys. Here's how Keasy describes it:

UK startup, Keasy, now raising funds on Kickstarter seeks to further endanger Blackberry's position in the smartphone market with the development of a new protective smartphone case and a built in keyboard that brings your on-screen keyboard to life.  The keyboard slides away in the back of the case when not in use, and slides into position on the front for accurate text entry.

They're starting off with supporting Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and then moving into the iPhone space at a later time, in fact they already have an iPhone prototype in testing. But of course, that's assuming they reach their funding goal of £45,000 which they already have £2,266 pledged with 14 days to go. 

I'm not looking to knock the guys hustle but seriously? Nail in BlackBerry's coffin? Other folks have tried this stuff before like Spike and Qwik-Keyz and yes, they got funded but I've yet to see any of those in use or more importantly, hear anyone say they were dropping BlackBerry for some bulky and rather ugly keyboard add-on. Smart press release though, make wild claims about killing BlackBerry and get written about.

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