BlackBeary the "Papa Bear"It looks like the Boy Genius' RIM informants have come through for him yet again, this time with both news and rumor leading into the weekend.

The news? BG has confirmed that the much talked about "Papa Bear" is in fact the BlackBerry 8310. I know we were all hoping "Papa Bear" would be our dream BlackBerry device that would fit both GPS and WiFi into the Curve case, but apparently there simply wasn't enough room! I still have faith that one day, and sooner than later (technology does move near the speed of thought these days), that we will see this happen.

The rumor? The BlackBerry Pearl 2 (nicknamed "Comet"), could be hitting AT&T by the second week of September. In addition to all of the technological improvements in the works, it will also be available in LOTS of COLORS.

Now go enjoy the weekend! Cool

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