The buzz this weekend is all about just what BlackBerry's upcoming Super Bowl ad will be. Will they go funny? Artsy? Harp on other companies? Show off features of BlackBerry 10? It's all up in the air right now for us as we wait and see just what will happen for that 30 seconds on February 3rd when we're all glued to our televisions, anxiously watching whatever it is that BlackBerry shows off. 

To get somewhat of an idea as to what we might see, we can look to the ad firm behind BlackBery's first ever Super Bowl commercial. The London firm Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO will be taking the reigns and hold the responsibility of making BlackBerry 10 shine on the biggest stage of the year. AMV BBDO has created some very memorable spots over the years including the memorable You're not you when you're hungry Snickers campaign and was also behind this ad from BlackBerry, which arguably was one of their best to date. 

Perhaps the most well known ad to come out of AMV BBDO is this ad for Guinness from 2002. An amazing 60-second spot that was voted the "best ad of all time" in a poll conducted by Channel 4 and The Sunday Times. 

Of course, when you think "greatest ad in the world", there is also one other ad that comes to mind. This gem from Apple that also aired during a Super Bowl, in 1984. It was directed by Ridley Scott and, for it's time, pushed limits as far as they could go. It wasn't a typical electronics commercial for that era but consumers loved it and it instantly became a sensation.

We have no idea what the BlackBerry commercial will hold in store, but we do know that we're pumped out of our minds to check it out. Frank Boulben and Thorsten Heins have done some amazing things with BlackBerry in the last few months so we can only hope that this is one more step towards a bigger, better, new RIM.

Source: Cantech Letter