This may not be an app to interest all our readers, but for anyone interested in the news in London and southeast England, this is definitely something you'll want to check out. Powered by Handmark, the London Evening Standard is now available in a free mobile application for your BlackBerry device. To be honest, actually getting the application was a little tedious, as it required me to go through the Handmark system and create an account. Once I had done that, however, the application was a breeze to install, and Handmark sent me an email with the details for future reference.

What really impressed me when I launched the app was a brief "tutorial" on its use, It quickly runs through the navigation and shortcuts of the application, without having to dig into menus to find that info, or learn through trial and error.  This is definitely a feature I would like to see in more consumer applications.

The homescreen has a nice layout, without too many frills.  The UI is rather bland, but isn't cluttered, and I personally don't require a news app to be visually stunning, I want it to work.  This app doesn't disappoint in this regard, doing exactly what you want it to do.  There are a surprising number of features and options included, including Facebook and Twitter integration, and the number of options you can customize is staggering.  You can even set the global font you want used, not just font size or colour. Set your thumbnail sizes, cache size, and even customize how your new items are displayed. All in all, a quality app, if a little geographically restricted in its appeal.  I've already sent it off to my local paper, in the hopes they might take a hint and release one of their own.

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