Damco, one of the world's leading providers of freight forwarding and supply chain management services, has released a BlackBerry smartphone application aimed at providing customers a fast and simple way to get an overview on the status of the logistic services being delivered to them. With representation in 120 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Latin America, Damco is a key player in the logistics industry and certainly one of the more technically advanced logistics providers with the launch of its smartphone application for all major mobile platforms.

Chief Information Officer at Damco, Mark Scotland, underlines the fact that the mobile world is an important factor for business in our digitally evolving society: "The proliferation of mobile devices is making it economical and scalable to reach customers with apps. During recent years tremendous advances have been made, not only in the capabilities of the devices, but also in their ease of use".

While the app will initially offer tracking of ocean freight shipments, Damco plans to expand the functionality with airfreight tracking and other options, making it easier for customers to monitor or manage their shipments. If you're interested in Damco's services, be sure to head over to their homepage at http://www.damco.com

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