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Just in time for a great start to 2011, e-mail client LogicMail has now reached a milestone with its latest release two-point-oh, beta. Inspired by the now defunct Mail4ME project, LogicMail provides an alternative to the conventional push e-mail system offered by RIM. As such, it is a dream come true to the evergrowing audience of BlackBerry users without a data plan. And I ask you not to question this very audience - they could be students with a limited budget not able to afford the luxury of having a BlackBerry data plan, people with limited needs trying to get by with a generic data plan or (just like me) people to whom BlackBerry services are simply out of reach. Not only do I hope that 2011 will mark the year when RIM strikes back with a game changer, but also that RIM will continue expanding its products and services to the handful of countries currently left out of the fun. I am sorry; I lost myself there for a moment. Back to LogicMail.

Before I continue, it should be noted that LogicMail is, first and foremost, a Java application that runs atop the native BlackBerry user interface. In other words, it functions standalone with its own graphical user interface and does not integrate with or make use of the native Messages application. Despite that, LogicMail packs a fair punch with both POP and IMAP support - with great focus on the latter - and the ability to run on BlackBerry smartphones with device software v4.5 all the way up to BlackBerry 6. As far as connectivity goes, LogicMail supports Direct TCP, MDS and WAP 2.0 connections, but can also operate on Wi-Fi networks only. And for those rocking a BlackBerry Torch or still hanging onto a BlackBerry Storm, support for touch input is included, too.

Granted, there are some issues and quirks to work out before calling it a stable release, but for a beta, I must say that the people behind LogicMail have brought remarkable work to the table. I know that it can sound odd or perhaps even awkward, but not everything good must cost money. In fact, LogicMail is not only available free of charge, but it actually is a piece of open source software as well! To put it differently, anyone wishing to contribute to the project may hop aboard and strive to make a difference. I personally have spent a few weekends helping LogicMail become the product it is today, but due to limited time my contributions have fallen short of what I initially hoped to manage. But, it is a New Year's resolution of mine to dedicate time to helping projects like LogicMail become better. I also hope that other aspiring developers come along to help; the more the merrier!

Not much is left to say, but I would like to use this moment to acknowledge that, to me, LogicMail has been one of the essential tools I use on my BlackBerry on a daily basis. It has come a long way since the early releases a couple of years back - an enormous step forward. Here is to hoping that we will see more from LogicMail and the open source community in general, keep it up! Okay, enough heart melting drama; I almost forgot the reason I was writing this: LogicMail for BlackBerry has reached 2.0 beta! So, what are you waiting for? Installation guide in the link below, go!

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