In this day and age being able to perform tasks quicker and easier is key. One employer of mine stressed the importance of "one less click" when devising a new task management system. From the developer that brought you SMSbyNow On Location is not as drastic as that but it is a headless application that performs specific actions when entering or leaving a location. While this is not a new concept to the platform, it certainly is a useful and interesting one.

In terms of layout, the developer offers a plain black background with the potions accessible by adding a place or location. You can add as many locations as you want using the BlackBerry location picker, using your current location, or manually inputting the coordinates.

All the user needs to do is long press on that location to bring up the side menu. Using this menu there are several actions that can be performed including Foursquare check-in, sending an email or text message, change the wallpaper, or modify the notification profile.


  • Setting notification profile(Normal, Silent, Vibrate, Phone Calls Only or All Alerts Off) and notification volume
  • Turning On Wifi
  • Turning On/Off Bluetooth
  • Wallpaper change
  • Foursquare check in: For every location you can select nearby Foursquare venue. You will be automatically check in and either public or private notification as well as option publishing into Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Sending email and/or text messages. You can configure default list of emails and phones numbers that will be applied for every location or set custom list for every location. You globally disable notification at any time. As option name and Google map link to your location can be added to the message automatically
  • Hub notification

There are additional options available by swiping down from the top. Users may set the notification message, contacts to notify, set the default email, set the time frame for it to monitor your location, and connect to Foursquare.

On location offers additional capabilities to get things done, especially for automating repetitive and simple tasks. It takes up very little space, does not negatively impact battery life or performance, and is headless. You can purchase for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $1.99.

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