By now anyone who has internet access is aware Apple announced and showed off iOS 7 at WWDC in San Francisco. Even my mother was asking me questions about it and whether or not I had tuned into the event. Honestly, it's a bit weird to have so much conversation surrounding it here on CrackBerry but a lot of folks in the forums are discussing it and keep comparing it to the various other platforms out there, so it's clearly a hot topic even among BlackBerry users.

One thread that caught my attention was posted by donnation, just giving his general impressions of the beta version he installed onto his iPhone 5 and doing a little comparison to BlackBerry 10. Of course, he took some flack for posting his thoughts on it but that's OK.  It's a pretty insightful thread for folks who may not have access to iOS 7, as it's only available through the Apple Developer Program. 

The keyboard is the same, but with a minimalist white font. I thought they might make some changes to it but it's the same predictive text keyboard they've had before. donnation, CrackBerry Member

During the announcement at WWDC, Tim Cook called iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the release of the iPhone. Aside from the visual changes though, does the OS feel really different? I've loaded it onto my iPhone 5 as well and to me it feels like a huge change to me personally but not everyone agrees with that either. There's a lot of stuff in iOS 7 that changed that wasn't shown off, things like HD Voice calling over Face Time, 60 FPS video recording and even game pad controller support and it's going to take some time for those things to fully appear during normal use.

And it still feels like any old ios. It doesn't feel "new". Disappointed about that. z10fido, CrackBerry Member

The other massive topic CrackBerry members are talking about is the play Apple made for in-car integration. With BlackBerry and QNX being a key focus now, a lot of folks want to know what's happening in that area. Will Apple be a challenger for BlackBerry and QNX? It's an interesting debate but one thing that gets overlooked is that Apple is actually a QNX partner. You can have Apple gear integrated with a vehicle, running on-top of QNX.

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