Gameloft has been a roll lately with their releases for the BlackBerry platform and it looks as though they're hosting a pretty big sale right now. If you open up BlackBerry World and head to the Gameloft listing, you should see a bunch of titles have either been reduced in price or have gone outright free. The sale isn't held just to any one specific device either, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 titles are all sharing the price drop. If you're looking to load up on some great games, it looks like now is a prime opportunity to do so. Here's some of the listings we're seeing:

That's just a sample of some of our favorites that Gameloft has to offer. Have any of the ones you've been waiting for gone on sale? If so, let others know in the comments. Keep in mind please, not all the games and devices are supported in all regions.

Check out the Gameloft vendor page