** UPDATE: Ok, so that's over. Uhhh... no Q10 announcement. no Z10 update announcement. It was just about J Lo (as in Jennifer Lopez) launching her new Viva movil. **

CTIA -- the Wireless Association -- has their big show taking place in Las Vegas this week. With BlackBerry Live taking place last week in Orlando, everybody from the CrackBerry team decided to skip CTIA this year. We figured the odds of any BlackBerry news coming out of it were slim to none.

That said, Phil, Andrew and Anndrew from the Android Central team are at the show covering on behalf of Mobile Nations. And they'll be firing up the live blogs at 2:10pm ET / 11:10pm PT to bring you the news coming out of the Verizon event taking place. 

I have no idea what Verizon will be talking about on stage today, but I know a ton of CrackBerry readers are Verizon customers. And I know a lot of you Verizon customers are waiting anxiously for the BlackBerry Q10 release date to be announced. It should have been May. Now we're told it's June. Maybe today we'll find out the exact day you can run into a store and buy a Q10. I also know a LOT of Verizon Z10 owners who are waiting for a BlackBerry 10.1 update too. Maybe they'll mention that today?!

Don't shoot me if they don't announce anything. But it can't hurt to tune in and watch, right? Be sure to catch the live blog and participate above!

And CrackBerry... be nice to Phil et al, ok? They're good guys, even if they don't rock the BBs.