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One day you find yourself in a strange place. All you have with you is a Blackberry Torch, a small amount of cash and your wits to get you through the week. For some, that sounds like an extended version of a great weekend. I recently stumbled upon a short series in which musicians based in the UK experienced just that, back in the Fall of 2010. Using the items listed above, and with help only from their fans, they had to make the trek to a gig within a week. The series starred Example, The Wanted and Professor Green, while on the Live and Lost tour - and only 6 episodes were produced. I wish I had found this sooner, but you can check out the episodes on Youtube.

They don't know how they'll get where they need to go. They reach out to fans, or vice versa, through their BB (using Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, etc). It was an interesting concept, but it didn't really show the true power that we all know the BlackBerry has. Yes, there are countless shots of the Torch, but no shots of any native or third party apps used. Or even true talk about how great the BlackBerry is at keeping them connected with fans. You know, they should do something like this more often. You actually don't need any celebrities or musicians on tour; drop regular people in the middle of nowhere and have them try to survive with cash and a BlackBerry. Now that would be a challenge. In fact, if RIM wants to do something like this again, I'm officially in!

Live and Lost with BlackBerry episode guide

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