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Little Brother

eMacBerry has just taken the time to let us know that Little Brother, their tracking solution app has received a pretty hefty update. The update in question covers a lot of features that were requested through user feedback so, if you're a Little Brother user you'll want to grab the latest from the eMacBerry website. If you're not quite yet familiar with Little Brother -- have a look at our previous posts here to get a better understanding of how the app works. Read on past the break for the full changelog and download link.

What's New?

New Sector IN & OUT Handling:

In the previous Versions of LittleBrother the App have always triggered an IN (or OUT) of Sector event when you have entered (left) a Sector. Depending on your update interval and the direction of your movement it could happened that shortly after one event occurred the opposite event was fired. In the worse case this could end in a lot of IN & OUT messages when you are traveling along the border line of your defined sector.

With the new build of LittleBrother this have been solved by adding multiple techniques in order to detect and ignore unwanted messages and re-send previously ignored messages when they become important. Details about how this functionality have been implemented can be understand when you take the time to read the LittleBrother LOG.

Since I had this repeated IN & OUT of Sector messages myself in the past with the previous Versions of LittleBrother (like v0.7.x) and with the new v0.9 they have been completely gone, I am very confident that you will appreciate this enhancement [I have tested the new build every day over the last 2 weeks and it has worked rock solid - I am looking forward to your feedback].

LitteBrother LOG:

LittleBrother will now come with a own LOG that allows you to keep track of the actions of LittleBrother. Also the LOG allows you some quick actions to modify existing sectors.

  • The LOG is accessible from the LittleBrother Options
  • When the CellTowerLocation is known then you will find for the LOG entry a button that allows you to show a map of CellTower that have triggered the LOG entry.
  • On a OUT-OF-Sector Event for a CellTowerList based Sector you can simply add the CellTower that have triggered the event to the Sector (this is a very simple way to extend existing CellTowerBased Sectors)
  • For a CellTower for which no location could be detected/requested you are able to enter the Latitude & Longitude values manually (if you know them)
  • Beside looking into the LittleBrother LOG you can dump the content as TXT to the file system of your device [the path is hard coded: In the BlackBerry user home directory on the device (not on the SDCard)]
  • The LOG stores a maximum of 200 log entries (then the oldest entries will be removed)

Other Fixes:

WiFI Activated & WiFi Deactivated Messages have been removed from the GUI (you will find them now also in the LOG)

Ignoring invalid CellTowerIds. [A colleague of mine had issues with a imaginary CellTower that occasionally be reported by the OS/RadioInfo/SIM (CellId:65535 & MCC:65535) - this had happened at various totally different locations.]

Click here for more info and to download Little Brother Today