LittleBrother - The zero power consuming tracking solution

LittleBrother, the new beta application from eMacBerry is very small GPS utility that is being offered to users who wish to keep friends and family members aware of their location. The biggest claim for the application however, is that it uses the least amount of power and resources available in order to provide such information. In the past, GPS utilities have been known as power hungry, data intense applications. LittleBrother is looking to change that by offering a zero power consuming tracking solution.

LittleBrother Core Features:

  • Automatically send eMail and/or SMS notification when the device is leaving a certain area:  If your device will be moved into an area where you normally never would going too [could be ideally combined with other applications like SmrtGuard to wipe your device remotely]
  • Automatically send eMail and/or SMS notification when the device is returning into a certain area: Let your loved once know, that you are coming home soon (e.g. returning from work)
  • Export the local CellTower Database (locations) to a KML-File and send it via eMail: To be used with GoogleEarth to get an overview of all the CellTowers you have recorded so far.
  • Support for device 'Backup & Restore': Keep all your LittleBrother CellToer Records when you updating your OS or change your BlackBerry® device! 

Since LittleBrother is a beta application, users are encouraged to download the app and test it out. Of course, if you have any suggestions for additions you can always forward them off to Matthias for consideration. If you're looking for a simple tracking solution and a way to inform friends and family of where you are, maybe LittleBrother is just the app you need.

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