Looking for an effortless way to announce your arrival or departure to those who are important to you? How about doing so without causing a huge demand on your monthly allotted data plan? The utility app LittleBrother is one such app, which we just so happened to have covered in the past. Imagine having an app that sends out an automatic email or SMS to specific contacts that let them know if you are leaving from, or arriving at, a particular location. It’s a low profile app that doesn’t suck the life out of your battery, as other GPS apps do. LittleBrother says no to GPS and instead relies on Cell Tower location. It allows for around the clock uptime without draining the battery. Unless you’re using GPS to get directions while you’re commuting, then LittleBrother is the perfect tool for you. It’s also a time saver, as you no longer have to send the standard “I’m here” or “I’m on my way” – it does it for you. Not only that but, if you’re a foursquare user, you can set up LittleBrother to check into venues for you. Check out the details of what LittleBrother offers to see what can really do. Recently, LittleBrother was updated to version to include BBM integration.

Now your location, either Cell Tower or WLAN, can be placed in your BlackBerry Messenger profile. That way your BBM contacts, who check out your status constantly, can see where you are. This also include foursquare checkins! Check out the new features in detail:

LittleBrother is now BBM-connected (You need to install LittleBrother via AppWorld in order to make use of the BBM-connected) features).

  • vPost our current CELLTOWER base location to your BBM-Profile (via LittleBrother Recent Activities)
  • Post our current WLAN base location to your BBM-Profile
  • Post Sector IN or OUT Notifications at your BBM-Profile.
  • You can customize the message that will be posted in your BBM-Profile via the Sector definition settings. When you include the String '@@@' in your customized message then LittleBrother will include human readable location information (WGS84) in your profile update.
  • If your BBM Contacts have also LittleBrother installed, then they can click on any of your LittleBrother BBM-Profile messages to open the LittleBrother Map Popup Dialog showing the location.
  • Post foursquare Sector Checkins at your BBM-Profile
  • Send Sector definitions to your BBM-Contacts
  • Define BBM-BlackList Sectors: When you enable the location updates in your BBM-Profile you can define additional so called BBM-BlackList Sectors that will suppress the BBM profile update when you are currently in such a BBM-BlackList Sector.

•Export & Import of Sector definitions (*.lbs files) - By default Sector definitions will be saved in your BlackBerry Home directory in a folder called 'LittleBrother' - To import a Sector definition (lbs file) simply open it directly from the eMail attachment or double click on it in FileScout (or FileScoutLite - or any other FileManager)

With the additional features, plus automatic WiFi control, mapped celltower location history and the option to export location history to a KML-File, LittleBrother is one of the best location capture and share applications available, free or otherwise. You can grab LittleBrother, for free, from BlackBerry App World.

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