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Being a little brother, I can attest to the completely false stereotype that has burdened us. The LittleBrother by eMacBerry also bursts through that stereotype, as well. Tapping into GPS, LittleBrother allows you to automatically send sms, as well as email, to inform others if you are either leaving from or arriving to a certain location. You can also view the previous 25 Cell Towers your BlackBerry has connected with and email the locations as a KML file. A KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is used to display geographic information via a browser like Google Earth. Because you are the popular one (and probably a Big Brother), LittleBrother is a great way of letting people know when you are getting close, or when you are on your way. Keep reading for all the latest updates.

Recently this beta was updated to version let’s check out what’s new:

  • Support for IDEN Networks (experimental)
  • If RIM's CellTowerLocation Service is available LittleBrother will make use of it (required for IDEN) - You can check in the Location Information Section of LittleBrother if the CellTower Location Service of RIM is available (or not)
  • Check required application permissions after the installation
  • WiFi Control on two different Modes available:

Strict-Mode (initial LittleBrother WiFi Control implementation)

  • In Strict-Mode, WiFi is only enabled when you are in a Sector that has WiFi-Enabled in its Sector configuration. When you manually enable WiFi elsewhere, LittleBrother will turn OFF WiFi again automatically (depending on your update interval).
  • You should use this mode if you do not like to waste battery power if you have somehow forgotten to disable WiFi.
  • Define Sectors in which WiFi should be automatically enabled when you are entering a specific location. As soon as you are out of any Sector that has WiFi enabled, then LittleBrother will automatically turn OFF the WiFi of your BlackBerry Device, in order to save power.
  • Strict Mode implies that when you want to use WiFi (turn it on manually) out of any of your current defined sectors, you either have to turn LittleBrothers WiFi Control OFF or create a new Sector for your current location.

AdHoc-Mode (new in v0.6.1.5)

  • AdHoc-Mode allows you to manually enable WiFi at any time you might need it. This implies that you might forget to turn off WiFi again. When you are leaving a WiFi enabled Sector, LittleBrother will also turn WiFi OFF. But in contrast to the Strict mode, LittleBrother will not observe any longer if you manually enable WiFi in between (while out of any WiFi Sector). Therefore, when you turn on WiFi manually, it will stay on until you turn it off again [or until you enter and leave a WiFi enabled Sector]. Define Sectors in which WiFi should be automatically enabled when you are entering a specific location.
  • As soon as you are leaving a WiFi enabled Sector, the WiFi-Antenna of your BlackBerry Device will be turned OFF in order to save power.
  • AdHoc-Mode implies that when you manually turn on WiFi, you have to remember yourself to turn it OFF again.
  • Of Course, you can also completely disable the WiFi-Control feature of LittleBrother in the General Options.

What's fixed?

  • Permission Configuration Dialog should be displayed only once Minor GUI issues
  • Editing a CellTower location that is part of an existing Sector will update- also the Sector definition

More information/download of LittleBrother OTA from your device

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