My other job is running an in-home day care/pre-school. A big part of my day is helping the 4 year olds meet certain requirements before they enter Kindergarten. The biggest obstacle is learning and being able to recognize their ABCs. Enter in the fun interactive BlackBerry PlayBook app by Vostrix called AbcDay. The kids get to sing, pop bubbles & draw with a turtle all while learning those essential building block, the ABCs.

Features include:

  • Reading time! Recognize letters with cute animals. See the cute animals move, hear them making cute voices, and also learn the animal's name.
  • Writing time! Help the turtle catch the stars and draw the alphabets. Kids will learn how to write alphabets by following the stars guidelines.
  • Play time! Tickle the shell to peek on the cute animals, and complete the alphabet quiz. This is a fun way to do memory test for kids. Kids can pop the bubble to pick the right letter to complete the animal's name.
  • Sing along! Pop the bubbles and sing the alphabet song. Kids can pop the bubble to reveal each animal behind the alphabet-song bubble. Tired of hide and seek? Kids can also just watch the alphabet bubbles floating while the song is playing.
  • Each section of this app comes with a unique alphabet-song music; from cheerful reggae to a relaxing version, the music itself can put kids to sleep!

AbcDay is available for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World. There is also a FREE Lite version in which only one level, reading, is unlocked.

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