There are various applications available at your fingertips to manage and listen to all of your feeds. One of the application on my device that I utilize to manage my feeds is bPod. It is an intuitive and highly configurable native application that gives users a pleasant and effortless listening experience.

Since our original look at the application, it underwent several updates that not only incorporated new features, such as headless subscription updates and car mode, but bug fixes and improvements as well. From searching, subscribing, and listening, it comes with several features to help listeners, the full list of which is shown below.


  • Per channel settings including playlist priority, auto-downloads
  • Automatic background updates at configurable intervals (And manual updates)
  • Limit downloads and updates to when the device is charging
  • Support password protected podcast feeds
  • Stream podcast episodes without downloading to the device
  • Sleep timer, stop playing after a configurable amount of time
  • Choose WIFI only for downloads, audio streaming and updates
  • Backup and restore your podcast subscriptions to the device, SD card, Box or Dropbox
  • search function
  • Feed Wrangler podcast catalog
  • Support hardware buttons on BT controllers or headphones
  • Play list, allows to sort or randomize podcasts
  • Subscribe to podcast feeds using RSS Feed urls
  • Automatically download new podcasts while the app is running
  • Remember where you were in the podcast so you can resume at any time
  • Option to delete episodes after listening to them
  • Save your podcast episodes on the phone or the SD card
  • Share podcast channels or episodes with your contacts
  • French and Chinese language support
  • Car mode (Large media control buttons)
  • No Accounts necessary

The regular price to purchase bPod is $0.99, however, the developer has decided to give away 1,000 copies to our readers for free. The promotion code with the instructions are shown below.

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  • Enter promo code: BPOD4YOU
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

We all know how long these codes last so be sure to act quickly. Otherwise, be sure to grab your copy at the link.

More information/Purchase bPod – Podcast Manager