List Your Apps in the CrackBerry App Store!

Over the past almost two years (our 2nd birthday is coming next week!), the CrackBerry App Stores have become a popular destination for BlackBerry users, with millions of product views and hundreds of thousands of downloads per month. I say App Stores, because we have both our full-blown website store that's optimized for desktop browsing ( as well as our recently-launched, on-device app store which you can visit on your berry's browser at (and there's some cool on-device app store upgrades on the way!).

It seems there is a big uptick in the number of developers now building for BlackBerry, as over the past few weeks I have received an abnormally large volume of inquiries from developers wanting to know how to list their BlackBerry apps and themes in our stores. So here's the scoop...

MobiHand powers the software stores at CrackBerry, along with a network of other stores, and welcomes both quality for sale and freeware apps and content for BlackBerry. To submit your apps to the MobiHand catalog, you can view the Developer Agreement and sign up at Your sign-up will be reviewed, and you'll hear back from MobiHand typically within 24 hours. Once you begin uploading your apps into MobiHand's MobiReach system, your apps will be pushed out to our CrackBerry App Stores.

FREE APPS & THEMES - I've been seeing a lot of great free apps and themes pop up lately, and I think many developers may not realize there is a section for free stuff within the CrackBerry App Store. We'd love to see this section grow big, so devs... get your freeware in there!