I find that although I’m quick to take notes on the go, I’m not the best at organizing them. Some days, my desk at the office looks like a stack of post-its had a fight with a fan and lost. Sometimes, on my BlackBerry PlayBook or smartphone, I make notes, numerous notes that may pertain to each other, but are never truly grouped together. Trying to decipher what it was you were trying to do isn’t a really efficient way to spend your time. LinkNote for the BlackBerry playbook not only provides a fantastic way to organize your notes, but also enables you to locate specific information quite easily. As the name suggests, you can link your notes to related notes, as well as to projects, contacts and more – as updates are made available. It’s not only notes that can be linked; entire projects are able to be linked to other projects, as well. The most recent version of LinkNote is 1.0.6, which provides the following updates: 

  • Added Configuration menu with ability to create backup of the database to the Documents folder and ability to restore previous backups
  • Added Help screens with help content
  • On-screen keyboard opens automatically when editing an item

While not as fast as quickly mashing out the details on your virtual keyboard, using LinkNote will reduce the frustration of trying to find any previously mashed information. On the left side of the screen you can see a list of entries for either Notes, Projects or Contacts (depending on which one you are looking at). The contents of each entry are then seen in a rather large viewing pane. To the right are (potentially) tabs that indicate if the entry is linked to anything. Tapping on a tab allows you to access the linked items. It’s fairly straight forward, but impressively powerful. So far, I like what LinkNote has brought so far and I look forward to see what future updates bring us. LinkNote is available for free from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download LinkNote for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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