With LinkedIn retiring their official BlackBerry 10 app on November 27, BlackBerry 10 users looking to keep up-to-date with their LinkedIn accounts will have to look for alternative apps or use their web browser. One option for an alternative app has now arrived in BlackBerry World from Nemory Studios by way of Linked10.

Linked10, the hybrid app will allow you to connect to your LinkedIn account and access the majority of the features offered by the soon to be retired official client. In some ways, it might even work better since the official app hasn't been updated in forever and suffered from a lot of issues.

Linked10 will set you back $2.99 but for those of you who wish to continue to use BlackBerry 10 and still have access to LinkedIn, it just might be worth the cost of entry as you won't have to mess around with your browser or trying Android apps to see if they work.

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