Waiting in Line in Paris for a BlackBerry Bold!

The BlackBerry Bold is making a splash across the pond! In Paris, France today there were lineups at SFR's launch of RIM's latest smartphone. I received the image above and following email from Julien...

Here is a picture of the queue in SFR (#1 French carrier) retail store on the Champs Elysées, Paris. Today @ 2pm, SFR released the Bold. SFR is really the first carrier here to release it. Pricing info: 2 yr contract - 319 € / $450.

See the picture? Well... I was there for a long time. It took me two and a half hours to get it, but, my precious is chaaarrrgggiiiiinnnnggggg now. I'm so happy, you have no idea. I'm considering taking a day off tomorrow to play with it. Have a nice day!

Taking a day off work to play with a new BlackBerry? Definitely a CrackBerry Addict. Any AT&T customers planning on waiting in line for the Bold and taking a day off work to play with it?? :-)