Limited Edition Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM Sticker available

It's 2014 and that means it's FIFA World Cup year! Are you ready for it? BBM is ready for it as there is a Coca-Cola Indonesia Football BBM sticker pack available. The sticker pack was design by Speto, who does a lot of graffiti work for Brazilian culture. It seems to be only available via the BBM Shop if you're in Indonesia but as we discovered early on with the limited edition WWE sticker pack, that was only available in North America, there is a way for you to obtain it even if you're not Indonesia. All you need is someone in your BBM contacts to have the sticker pack and BOOM!

Just get them to share a sticker with you, you then tap it and you'll see the option to download it. This sticker pack is free. If you have the Coca-Cola Football sticker pack, share the love so we can all get it. Note, it may seem like you're downloading the regular BBM sticker pack, rest assured, when you download it, you'll have the football sticker pack. It won't show up in the BBM Shop, you'll just find them together with any other sticker pack who have downloaded to share.

Now, let's hope they bring sports team sticker packs soon, too. What other sticker packs would you like to see on BBM?