Lil E lays down a new tune and remixes an old favorite

One of my favorite BlackBerry fan made songs is 'No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10' by Lil E. It is still a song that can get stuck in my head and I haven't got tired of it yet. But Lil E has been busy in the studio. A month ago he brought us 'BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving', inspired by the BlackBerry project of the same name. Now, Mr. BlackBerry 10, has laid down another track called 'I Rep BlackBerry 10'.

If you're a fan of Lil E's songs, you'll love this one too. It has the Lil E sound and his signature pronunciation of 'BlackBerry Tin'. If that wasn't enough, Lil E has also remixed his 'No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10' tune. Reason being, although BlackBerry 10 is officially out, it is not yet out in the U.S. (hang in there, it's coming soon) so, it's kind of still no sleep until BlackBerry 10 for those in the U.S.

As usual, if you like what your hear, give a shout out to Lil E, he's on Twitter as @BTBREPRESENTA. Check out Lil E's latest song I Rep BlackBerry 10 above and the No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 REMIX below.